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Sunday, February 15, 2009

David Letterman Can Interview AnyONE!!

Did anyone see the Joaquin Phoenix interview the other night??? Reminded me of another kind of weird interview....I've always loved Farrah and I realize she has been ill. Don't know if she was ill at the time of this interview, but she certainly seems a little "out of it"!! See for yourself!!


Joanna said...

I remember that interview. She was on something. I missed the other interview. He looks pretty darn weird.

Thanks for the hugs. Hug ya right back for your kind words. :)

Anonymous said...

OMG - That Joaquin interview was so painful to watch! I am hoping it was a hoax (which most are saying now). He used to be a hottie...but he has just lost his noodle. And that beard!? Yuck!

dawn said...

I didn't see the Joaquin Phoenix interview, but the on with Farrah was very painful to watch. It reminded me of the Tom Cruise one that was going around not that long ago. Painful to watch people who are out of it, trying to talk.

aims said...

I remember the Farrah interview and read that she went into rehab for cocaine shortly after that.

As for Joaquin - he sort of gave it away when he was right on the ball with the gum. What are him and Casey Affleck up to?

Anonymous said...

I watched this the last night with Dawn. She sure was a little loopy. So sad really.

Honeygo Beasley said...

No, I hadn't seen this one ... but wow. She seems very skeletal ... and trying too hard to be sexy, cute, nice.

Some folks interview terribly and need a script.

But yeah, she's more than that ... like someone said, on something.

But Letterman gets the laughs, anyway!


Given the state of the global economy these days...everyone has reason to be out of it. In fact everyone is! :o)