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Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Valentine's Days of Old

As I was reading a story about celebrating Valentine's Day, it reminded me of the Valentine's Day of Years husband....the Former Romantic! Oh, the courtship days...remember those??

*There was the year that my husband made me my very own video tape of many of our dates collaged together with "our" song playing in the background.

*The year he spray-painted a huge heart out on the snow in our yard with our initials in it and sparklers all around it! Now that was cool....glad we have THAT on video! Surprised we didn't burn the house down with all those sparklers!!

*The year that he dressed up AS a Heart!! Spraypainted a huge wooden heart and actually WORE this heart with cute little red underwear, red gloves and red socks! (Wish I had videotaped that one).

*Every year for several years we travelled to Niagara Falls for a Valentine's Weekend complete with Jacuzzi Room and Fireplace Suite at the Marriott Inn at the Falls.

Now that we have been married for so very long...sixteen years this year....we are just cruising down to our local mexican joint for tacos!

Ah....the memories of Valentine's Days of Old...we will always have the memories!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!


colormekatie said...

Your husband did such sweet things! These stories made me so happy!


Relyn said...

Oh. You have such a love. I know you know it, but hug him tight. He is a rare one. Cherish him.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Brenda said...

Oh My, you married Don Juan for sure! I wouldn't know how to act around a real, true, romantic.

I'm trying to imagine my James dressed up as a heart,,,

Katya said...

Egads, what a CREATIVE Valentine you have!!! I had to giggle over each of the days you listed...what visuals!!!

Well, enjoy hangin' at the local Mexican Joint!! I've never been there (the kids ONLY "do" Taco Bell) and I am married to el mexicano eater, extraordinaire....I think I have made more tacos and burritos than anything!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Stephanie said...

Wow! I'd say he's a romantic!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!


Anonymous said...

I'de say you've got something pretty special there, mexican tacos and all :-)

Anonymous said... that! Enjoy today and may every day bring you much love and joy :)

lisaschaos said...

Sounds like he was romantic once. :) We've never done anything much for Vday, just flowers.

CrystalChick said...

OH what wonderful memories. How romantic and fun!
My hubs has given me some interesting gifts for V Day too. One year.... an iguana we named Cupid. Another... he got a heart tattoed on his chest with my name in it. This year.... a Pajama Gram. LOL They are cute white and pink pj's with astrology symbols all over them.
We were going to go Mexican and ended up ordering Chinese takeout.

Happy Sunday. :)

CrystalChick said...

And oooh oooh ooooh, we stayed at that Marriot for our 20th anniversary! Saw the sunrise over the Falls on Thanksgiving morning and ate at the Rainforest downtown. It was neat!

Honeygo Beasley said...

I LOVE that spray painting on snow idea! You could do something with food coloring too, I guess ...

Maybe a pink snow lady????

Anonymous said...

Those were some interesting ideas for Valentines. Dawn doesn't like all the holiday we generally don't do anything for Valentines. Sometimes we go out for a meal, but it won't be on Valentines Day. Most places jack up the prices, so we go some other day

Happy Valentines Day!!

dawn said...

I am not very romantic and Sirdar wanted to go for supper on Friday night, but I wasn't feeling well. We went for breakfast today instead.


Wow he sure had some good romantic ideas...Mine doesn't even come so close. ;o)