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Monday, May 18, 2009

Dog Restores Soul

What a heartwarming story:

Life had been a challenge for several years. Being an only child, I was very close to my mother, even at the age of 56. It seemed my mother was always there to listen when family and job demands seemed impossible.

My dad had died a few years earlier when my mother's memory began to fail. It was Alzheimer's Disease as both she and I had feared. Gradually over the next few years, I watched as the one who had given me life drifted away, slowly, and very slowly. Although my mother was there in the physical form, the caring, listening friend was gone.

Depression swept over my body and soul. Nothing seemed to help. A therapist suggested I get a puppy. Having recently visited a friend who lived with a fine Yorkie companion, I decided to get a young fellow for myself. Enters Chester, a 2-pound bundle of joy. His eyes seemed to offer friendship and understanding immediately upon acquaintance.

I eagerly enrolled us in an obedience class. We attended three classes. The regime was too structured for such free spirits as Chester and myself. We were officially dropouts. Instead of practicing commands, we began walking. Chester listened to my every word as we wandered the neighborhood. Working at home gave Chester the opportunity to sit contently in a basket beside my desk for hours. He never complained. I would ask his opinion on tough tasks and he would ponder the answer as he gazed out the window. Always supportive and not talkative, we made a good team. Soon, I noticed the sadness had disappeared. The emptiness in my heart had lessened. Chester had restored my soul.

Just as my mother would sit and listen, not offering advice but tireless ears and eyes expressing love and encouragement; Chester provided the same.

We are all blessed to love dogs.

Dogs TRULY seem to have and endless supply of happiness. To see the Smiling Dogs Slideshow .... go here!
My thanks to Dr. Jon


Donna said...

Awww...I know what you mean...I gave my Corky a real listening workout this weekend!Hahaa...I miss my Mom too sweetie...I always want to scream how unfair it is...then I remember she spent 77yrs on earth and just wanted to go home...can't blame her. It's just unfair to me...She's having a Blast!hahaa...
Have a sweet day sweetie!hughugs

Anonymous said...

That's so sweet. Thanks for the great read.

WT said...

Ah yes, obedience class. If you really wanted to take your mind off your troubles you would have tried taking a beagle to class. Now that's an adventure, not to mention an exercise in futility.

Honeygo Beasley said...

I found my favorite - "Special Friends"
Submitted by Rhonda Peterson.

How did you find that site?

Thanks for sharing!

Katya said...

Oh, thanks for sharing!!! That is so cool and the site you shared is totally FUN! There is no companion like a canine, that is for sure!