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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Life Just Gets In The Way really does get in the way of .... blogging!! I just plain have not had the time or the energy lately to spend any time on my blog. We came back from being gone on the road for seven weeks and there is a freakin' ton of stuff to do here at the house. And to top it off I am in a serious amount of seems that my Rheumatoid has me in one hell of a flare. Which creates its own problems. Walking is difficult for me right now. Forget about stairs...can't bend my knees. Ever tried to get into and out of a Pontiac Fiero without bending.....not a chance!

Many things going on in my life. Doctor's appointments. Celebrating our anniversary this weekend and I haven't got my act together on that yet. The dogs needed to go to the vet and finally got that all done yesterday.

We will be opening the Cottage this weekend so much cleaning and prep work needs to go into that. And to top it off, am still in the midst of travel planning for our next venture to commence in August for another couple of months!

Meish just bought her very first brand new car and she is over the moon excited! And I'm THAT excited for her too!! I have some pictures I'd love to share, but they are not on this computer and my laptop is upstairs, so that'll have to wait.

So, that's my "excuse" as to where I've been! If this post is's because that's the story of my life right now!!


Katya said...

Oh my goodness! I am so sorry you are having problems with your health...that is the pits! I hope everything settles down soon so you can enjoy life!

It sounds as though your plate is overflowing!!!! I love having things to look forward to doing, but YIKES! You have so much going on at once!! Happy Anniversary!!!

Do we get any clues about your next adventure? How fun to be planning another outing!

Remember to rest and RELAX a bit!!!!

silvieon4 said...

Please consider bee therapy for your "ARTHur" My neighbor's hands were literally twisted and he was in constant pain. His meds were not working well and finally he was referred to the Bee Keepers. Apparently bee stings [if you are not allergic] stimulate your immune system and anti inflammatory reactions. I just saw him, Perfect hands... he was wearing his wedding ring which has not fit in 6 yrs. He says he is pain free, and he get his bees stings 2x per mo and he is thrilled. Taking up woodworking again and now his wife is going for her knees. Hate to hear that you are in pain.

CrystalChick said...

I hadn't posted in awhile at my place and then this week... TWICE. Crazy, huh? LOL
Sorry for your pain. I know that I've been going thru some very uncomfy times lately too.

'Hammer' commented on my post the other day about 'EMU' oil and it's benefit to help with pain.

What do you usually do for flare ups?

Feel better soon! And have a very Happy Anniversary! :)

aims said...

I know exactly what you are talking about! There always seems to be tons more work - after - you get home. Why is that? The house didn't do anything while you were away - and yet.......

Sorry about your knees girl. Kinda know what you are talking about.