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Thursday, May 28, 2009

St. Simons Island

Every now and then I have to throw in a random post from our last Big Road Trip....these are some shots I took on St. Simons Island....check out the white bunny! Never saw an albino bunny before....these two were there every single morning....and they would come right up to us and eat carrots out of our hands! St. Simons was beautiful and I'd really love to spend some more time there!!

On another topic....thank you all for your help with the decision on my glasses. I haven't made a final decision yet, but I'm thinking I'm going to just keep them all! Then I'll have a bit of know...some days I might be a librarian :) Thanks Joy - Ha!


Katya said...

Wow, looks like such a pretty place! Of course, blue skies are always welcome, eh?

That is cool about the bunnies! Did the Bichon girlies go crazy when they saw them? I think my Scottie boys would have figured out how to open the door and give CHASE!

Honeygo Beasley said...

Those pictures were like a breath of fresh air on a somewhat overcast day here in PA.

Glad you're keeping both glasses!

A Spot of T said...

Hi, I'm looking for the Steven King section? Just thought you would like the practice :o) Love all the photos, it really does sound like you two had a great time.

Brenda said...

Great pictures!!

I bet those are someone's escaped bunnies, they're sure cute!

Dianne said...

ya know sexy librarians are in these days ;)

love the top shot - what a perfect angle to show off that beautiful place

and the bunny is sweet

Jennifer said...

Awwww....white bunny!!!!

Donna said...

Oh! I Love the bunny!! And the photos!! Nice!! Happy weekend Jeanne!!hughugs

spread your wings said...

oh St. Simons is so pretty. i haven't been there in a very long time but i would love to go back.
good decision on keeping them all - a little variety is good.

Elisa said...

Wow, that looks lovely. I love anything by the sea :-) Where is that? it loos like a place to visit.