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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Style?? New or Old??

I's supposed to be Wordless.....but......I have to decide whether or not I am going to return these glasses or not.


I'm thinking I like my older ones better. I think these make me look really old. They're just not funky enough for me. I am funky. Definitely. You know that story....When I am an Old Woman, I Shall Wear Purple?? That's Me!

So, help me decide....New or old??

Old ones....are with LadyBug

New ones....without!


RockstarJen said...

I LOVE the new ones!

Dianne said...

I really do think you look great either way
the new ones aren't purple-ish but they are a funky shape
I do love purple though

I think you already know the answer - in the top (old) photo you're holding someone you love and you're looking at the camera and you're just plain happy

the bottom (new) photo is smaller, you're alone and the smile is not as genuine

yes - I studied behavioral psychology

oh - and let me know when you get old cause you're ain't there yet!

Brenda said...

Well I like them both but I like the new ones best.

silvieon4 said...

Opinion from this funky old lady.... old glasses. Bottom line is if you are having doubts, the new ones are NOT right. Go back and shop some more. In my fast approaching old age I plan on wearing bright orange and if possible [my kids say how?] I plan plan on getting even more outrageous and wild. You will know me. I will be the one with the Bichon entourage on the beach, preaching the gospel of rescue and having a blast. Silvieon2

Donna said...

The new ones...but...You have to pick! I don't have to wear them!hahaa...They both are nice!hughugs

Joy T. said...

Just a minute while I get side-tracked by one cute Bichon....oh those wittle gorgeous Bichon eeeeeeyes....k I'm back :o)

The old glasses are definitely funky and how I see you when I read your blog. Isn't that weird?? But I see you as full of life while living a bit on the edge. Nothing like a cool pair of funky colored glasses as a way to show it. Or a tattoo. Oh wait a minute...that's me getting a tattoo here shortly. Ha.

The new glassess, while cute, do something to your entire face. They still look great, they really do, but they are definitely more you work in a library. Which I found out with the Sarah Palin thing, that men love the mystery behind the whole lovely reserved librarian look. So maybe keep both glasses and for marriage a librarian every so often :o) But I love the old glasses best. And it's just not because they are accessorized with a Bichon.

Anonymous said...

I like the new ones. They really lighten up your look.

Anonymous said...

New ones. Old ones are too heavy for your face. You look lighter, brigher, sunnier with lighter glasses. :0)

Honeygo Beasley said...

I agree with Silvieon4 ... but Karen has a point.
I went with the ones that the ladies in the doctor's office said made me look like a movie star, lol!
Bottom line is you can always get a second pair. Why not keep the old, make into sunglasses or just put new lenses in them AND get the other pair! I know, with this economy you can't be frivolous...but, well, cut back elsewhere. A pair of shoes less?

ms cute pants said...

Go with your gut. I like the old ones, because you were right. They do make you look younger. They are so funky! While the new ones are a lighter look, they do make you look older.

dawn said...

Well, I like the look of the old ones but I like the slightly lighter colour of the new ones, or perhaps it is just the lenses. I say, go back and find some similar to your old ones, a little funky, and maybe a bit in between for dark and light frames to be stated just right (not over stated or understated ;-) ).

Katya said...

Now you know WHY I went with the "multifocal" CONTACTS!!!!! hahahahahah

For myself, I cannot tolerate glasses, as they end up getting bumped by doors all the time, with the result being a broken pair of glasses! I still cannot figure out HOW people wear glasses WITHOUT running into everything!!!!

I like both pairs on you...they both seem to show a different side of your personality!

spread your wings said...

i really like the new ones. i don't think they make you look old at all.