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Friday, June 12, 2009

Color to Brighten Up Your Day!

I've had nothing but crazy mixed up problems dealing with the insurance company this week and am ready to freakin' pull my hair out at this point!!

I leave you with some calming shots of Borglum's Irises!


Honeygo Beasley said...

Don't pull out hair - pull out flowers and put in a vase. Smell flowers regularly.

Darn insurance companies!

Have a nice weekend.

Brenda said...

Insurance companies are the DEBIL!

Love that golden iris.

Jennifer said...

Dealing with insurance companies is almost....not quite, but much fun as having a root canal with a chainsaw!!

aims said...

I've often wondered how the people who work at insurance companies live with themselves.

Do you think they go home happy and content with how much good they've done in the world in the day?

Do you think they congratulate themselves on how nasty and stubborn they are? (personally I think this last one is true. I think the job attracts a certain type of person - like bill collecting)

Relyn said...

Iris is my husband's favorite flower. One that I love as well. Oh, how beautiful.

Robin said...

Dealing with insurance companies is the pits!

Those flowers are gorgeous, especially those first two - magnificent shots.

Katya said...

Wow, those are some poppin' colors to be sure! Love them all!!!!

I hate to complain about the weather, but a wee peek at the sun would be nice and even maybe beneficial about now!

Your photos are very calming!!!!

faye said...

The flowers are beautiful.. and maybe some day I will be able to
correctly ID them .. calming ..yes...
and so is getting the camera out and
capturing the image....
The weekend is here and it WILL BE
better.... enjoy ...
oooh... how do you know about
Williston Fl ??? About 40 minutes
from here ....the locale for the
Original Ivy House Restaurant.