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Friday, July 3, 2009

Does Your Dog Freak Out During Fireworks??

Zippy freaks out if he hears gunshots or fireworks or thunder...I mean TOTALLY freaks out!! I feel terrible for him because he goes into a complete state of panic! He has tried to dig holes in our closet, tried to squeeze under our bed...which he definitely could not do. He's even gone so far as to run to our neighbors house and try to go inside THEIR house!! He is ten years old now and I just don't think anything is going to make him forget his fear of these things. So...............What can you do to help keep your dog stay calm during the fireworks this weekend?

Here are some suggestions:

1. Consider not taking your dog to the fireworks display. Make sure that your dog will be calm at home, or stay home with your dog during the fireworks. Keep your dog confined in a comfortable location if possible.

2. Don't try too hard to reassure your dog during a fearful event with petting, soothing words, or extra attention. This can sometimes exacerbate the problem by reinforcing your dog's fearful response.

3. Some dogs are very sensitive to people's moods and may be influenced by the way that you react to the noise. It is best to act happy and upbeat or to redirect your dog's attention to some absorbing activity.

4. If you must leave your dog at home alone during the fireworks, consider what would make your dog most comfortable. Bring your dog indoors. Would he feel safest in a crate? Try turning on the radio, television, fan or air conditioner as "white noise". Make sure you provide a comfortable hiding place or "safe place" for your dog in case he is scared during the fireworks.

5. Pet anxiety studies have shown that music can have a calming effect on a stressed out pet.
Thanks Dr. Jon!


Brenda said...

Our dogs are hunters so they're used to big bangs. I can see how frightful all the noise would be for other's pets though.

WT said...

That's how I got my beagle, he ended up in the pound a few days after our fireworks night. To this day he has a thunder phobia

Donna said...

No, our Corky's deaf now so he doesn't hear a Thing!lol...Happy 4th to you!!hughugs

Katya said...

Aw, poor Zippo!

The Scots don't seem to mind noise much at least if we are nearby!

Hayden said...

When Jake was just a tiny mite I got a bunch of balloons, blew them up... and popped them. It helped... by the 5th or 6th balloon he was pretty calm about it.

AND we stay home. But... it's SF, and there are fireworks everywhere, so we still hear it pretty loudly. Jake always decides its a really good time to cuddle. We get them 2-3 times a year....

lisaschaos said...

Always great reminders - it's easy to forget from one year to the next, luckily we don't hear many around here but yeah, my lil female doesn't like them and wants to snuggle by mama. :)