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Monday, November 16, 2009

My Personal Opinion

My personal opinion on hometown gatherings is I love them and usually try to make at least an appearance! I have different feelings about the Christkindl Market that our town had this year. Last year was the first year of this particular gathering. It was fun for a one time deal....but we were turned off for a couple of reasons.

We did not like the fact that they charged each person six dollars just to walk in the door. Why would we want to pay that much for admission if all we wanted to do was eat? Or shop?? I bought a couple of things last year. But our general consensus was that the craft offerings were beautiful....very high-end...but beautiful nonetheless!!

This is not your average small time craft show. The small time crafters...such as myself would never be able to do a show like this as the fee to rent a booth is three hundred bucks!! So, that kind of tells you that the merchants that are selling there are of the upper crust variety.

Based on the pictures that I have looked at from this year's event...they have expanded the event a bit to add some additional food booths and something for the kids to do. If there was not an admission charge, we would have gone!!


faye said...

I feel the same way about charging
so much for entry to the annual
Christmas craft show . Fortunately the Spring and Fall art shows are
free .

Katya said...

Jeanne, I really did feel that the $6 entry fee was high, too. Not only that, but to have gone to see the trees would have been $3 more. As it was, I only had a $20 bill with me, so all I bought was Mark's dinner and a bag of kettlecorn. Yeah, seems this one is more for the rich and famous! Even $3 to cover some of the costs would have been more reasonable. I think they might have had a discount coupon online or in the local papaer, though. Thought I saw something about a discount. I prolly will never go again, really.
Don from Wickedly Scent says they fair very well at this event.

Dianne said...

I don't understand needing to pay to then eat or shop and pay again

I guess they're put off by browsers

Donna said...

If I have to PAY TO SHOP, count me Out!! Happy week sweetie!hughugs

silvieon4 said...

Thank you VA Beach! Our Boardwalk Art show is free and open to everyone and we have some incredible arts and crafts for sale. Pricey, yes, unique, yes, and dog friendly! The only down is the occasional weather related issue. Wind, or rain and such. Virginians are so ornery that if they charged, nobody would attend...

lisaschaos said...

I hate it when they charge so much for the booths and then charge each person going too. Seems pretty greedy!

aims said...

Having done these craft shows - where the cost of the booth alone was $1000.00 - I think it is outrageous that the company running the thing then tries to grab more from the people wanting to come in and see.

It is just a money grabbing thing and the only people who make any money at them are the organizations that run them. Not the crafters. Not the people who put out all that money for the booth plus expenses for what they make and the time it took them to make it.

I could go on and on - but somewhere and sometime this madness has to stop.

I said NO this year to doing it again.

I was crazy once and that was involuntary. I don't have to pay to be crazy again.