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Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Girlz Welcome Spring!!

It was such a beautiful day out today!! We actually spent most of the day uncovering the RV...taking all the tarps off and S L O W L Y driving it around to the front yard...without having the tires sink! We managed and it is now safely in the front and ready to be cleaned off. Amazing how dirty it gets from just sitting. I wish I could say we were planning another trip, but we are not right now. We have to open the cottage...which will be happening in a couple of weeks and that is alot of work all by itself.

We had to get the RV out of the yard so that we can take it for inspection...which runs out in March!! Last year at this time, we were basking in the sun in Myrtle Beach...before heading on to the islands of Coastal Georgia and on down to Flagler Beach. Oh, how I miss it!!

But for today, it was VERY nice to have temps in the 60's!!


Anonymous said...

Jeanne, you live in a beautiful rural area! I didn't realize you were sitting in the middle of fields like that!

And Lucky woman, the RV, the cottage.. :-)

silvieon4 said...

The girls look like they had a grand time! Stop making work lists, enjoy the sun!

faye said...

Glad you are finally having some spring like weather.
I know the girlz love being out
in the sunshine... it feels good..

Mommy, I'm Home said...

We had a glimpse of spring earlier this week and then got hit with another snow storm...:(

Donna said...

Oh man...I SO wish we were going SOMEWHERE in our 5th wheel!!!
I'm Tired!!Hahaa
Happy weekend Girl!

Dianne said...

I love the shot of one of the girlz lying on the deck in her pretty pink coat

Dawn said...

Hi there

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Your doggies are adorable, great photos and oh how I wish we had temps in the 60's!!


Dawn said...

Hi there

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Your doggies are adorable, great photos and oh how I wish we had temps in the 60's!!


lisaschaos said...

So when are you headed out? I'm happy for spring too. :) Your girls are precious as ever!

Katya said...

Aw, I think both you AND the girlies have spring fever! I do have to admit, the warmer temps are nice. After wearing heavy winter coats all winter long, it is a nice change to be able to just don a sweatshirt or sweater!!

Honeygo Beasley said...

What a lovely day and glad to hear you're looking forward to more traveling. The beach sounds nice about now! I could use a change of scenery!

Jennifer Wilbur said...

They look like they are enjoying it immensely! Sun is good. :)

Pamela said...

they ARE happy, aren't they.
Well -- our fish in the pond survived the winter -- and are coming up to the top and eating their spring/fall diet. So, all is well here.

Hayden said...

sweet dogs dozing in the sun - Jake has been loving the sunshine, too! But he wishes I'd take him with me when I work in the orchard instead of being all prissy about him rolling in deer poop. I have no sense of what is important in life!