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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Burned Out

I am just burned out.  Totally.  Too much going on.

I apologize for not being around as much as usual.

We are still in the remodeling stage...but since we are finally installing the "facilities" tomorrow...we should be able to actually sleep back in our own bed tomorrow evening.  It has been like six weeks!  Ah well...kind of like takin' a little vacation in your own home.

Things are progressing and I should have been taking pictures along the way...but I have been very, very bad.


I can show you some cool tile I looked at though!!  We are in the final stages of ordering that last thing.'s not the best pic because I took it quickly with my phone while we were in the store.  By the way ... give you a hint...the color is COBALT!!!

Anyone who has been reading my blog for awhile knows that I tend to be artsy and BRIGHT!!!  I believe the salesman called it..."super confident".  OK by me!!

I love being AWAKENED with COLOR when I walk into the bathroom!!  I went subdued with the walls though and stuck with white...which I never, ever do.  But I might get just a bit CRAZY with color in my decorations!!


Karen said...

Well stop torturing us with NO pictures!!! I want to see that super confidence!

silvieon4 said...

Was worried about you, glad to hear it is almost over. just think how nice it will be not to think about it again! [For a while anyway...]

Katya said...

Oh, that sounds fantastic! I LOVE anything Blue!!!!!! hehehe

Well, m'dear, sounds like a little break is just the thing you NEED! I know what you mean about taking pictures...when I feel befuddled, I have a really hard time taking photos of my chaos!!!!

Donna said...

It's going to look Great!! Can't wait to see photos!!

jen said...

I need pictures!!! When you have time of course:)

Teresa said...

You will be so HAPPY and COZY when you return to your bedroom!
Love the blue!
I'm in the mood to add some turquoise with all my WHITE!
Happy Weekend my FRIEND!
Can't wait to see pics!
Snuggles to the FUR~BUNNIES!
That's what I call your two bundles of white fur!

Pamela said...

cobalt is one of my favorite water colors

Amber DaWeenie said...

Every bodies in my house loves da colors in da BLUE family. I bets your house will be really purty when it's done. I bet it's purty right now. Looking forward to da fotos.