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Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's Birthday Month!!

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My very busy birthday month is almost at a close...went through my daughter, my husband, my SIL, Chloe and LadyBug's mom was also born in January and I always remember her in a special way.

Had a fabulous dinner at Simply Crepes and came back home for dessert.  It is FRIGID outside tonight...the temperature right now is 6.  Can you believe it...SIX!!  I am so ready to head South!!

Been working on alot of cards lately too...mostly birthdays!  I do have several thank you notes still to do...and my other SIL's birthday is Feb. 1st.  Stopped into Michael's tonight to stock up on some more paper.  They were having a terrific sale!

I needed to get a form notarized the other day and called our local library to find out whether they still had a Notary on staff.  I found out our library had MOVED.  Isn't that weird??  Anyway...found out that they had done a complete renovation and will be back in the old building in the spring.  What a huge undertaking THAT must have been...moving ALL those books!!!  Another reason why I am enjoying my Kindle so much...don't have to haul around all those books!!


faye said...

I have a NOOK , but haven't had much time for reading... if I do take it
to work with me then the place gets crazy busy.

Great collage.

Jeanne said...

Wow you have had a busy month. Your cards look great and so do those cakes. Fun pictures! I'm a holdout on the nook/kindle. Love carting around those books, turning those pages and the smell! Old or new book I love it.

Remington said...

Sounds like party time at your house! Beth told me to ask you which Kindle you have -- she would like to get one....

simpledaisy said...

It seems I rarely read books's much of a treat now and I have to have the hard copy!!
I spend most of my time reading blogs and when I get my hands on a good book...I want to get my hands on a book:):)

Happy reading:)

Priscilla said...

Brrr! It is freezing outside! I went to Simply Crepes on my birthday in December.

I've been to the temporary library quite a few times already...that shouldn't be a surprise I guess since I have a library degree.

You know what's weird? Those live traffic feeds on people;s blogs always say that I'm from Hemlock, NY. I live about two blocks from Simply Crepes in Cdga. (That proves it: I even know the abbreviation for our town)

Katya said...

Jeanne, it IS cold out there!

Well, the good news is that you have made it through the month this far! Yay! And look, you are still standing....shivering, but standing!

I had read that the library moved and I couldn't even begin to imagine HOW they moved everything! Wow. When I think about moving furniture around, sometimes I feel totally overwhelmed!!!!!

We went snowmobiling yesterday afternoon in Auburn and my fingers and toes got COLD! Had the hand warmers on the entire time, but my poor digits were still cold! It is supposed to warm back up again, so don't lose heart! Just keep WARM!!!

Amber DaWeenie said...

Happy Birfdays to all those who had birfdays in January!