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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Disaster Alert: Red Star deploys to Joplin

Disaster Alert: Red Star deploys to Joplin

On Sunday night, a massive tornado ripped through Joplin, Mo., destroying homes and taking lives. First responders are taking care of the people in need, and now we're on our way to help the animals in need.

Just back from an intense deployment to Memphis, our Red Star Animal Emergency Services™ team will be on the ground in Joplin by tomorrow afternoon. As they help shelter the desperate animal victims, they'll give much-needed relief to the brave Joplin Humane Society staff, many of whom are experiencing devastating personal loss.

Please, reach out and give what you can to help animal victims like those in Joplin.

Almost 200 animals — many with wounds and severe skin abrasions — have already poured into the emergency animal shelter set up by Joplin Humane Society. And more wounded and frightened pets are coming in every hour. We have deployed 13 staff and volunteers, as well as our 16-wheel Rescue Rig.

Donate now to support our Red Star rescue efforts.

And at American Humane Association, our critical emergency services don't stop when the skies clear. We're there not only to rescue animals but to help communities recover and rebuild.

Our thoughts are with all of the victims, both human and animal, who are suffering in Joplin.
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