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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Techno Turmoil!

I am in techno-turmoil mode right now!!  Not only am I trying to get used to this upgraded version of Windows 10...I also am trying to switch everything over from my iphone5S to the 6!

So, if you notice a little glitch here and there...that is probably why!! 

I honestly do not know HOW we ever existed in a world before Google!!

Google has been used many, many times today...just trying to figure out why the upgrade stopped in the middle...with a black screen.  After a few minor adjustments to the settings, I got it up and running again!

Sprint is running a special right now with the iPhone Forever works for me!  I have been with Sprint for sixteen years.  Yes, that is correct.  SIXTEEN years.   Sprint is also offering a $15.00 a month Loyalty Credit to those of us who have been subscribers forEVER.

That's it for my Thoughtless Thursday!  Have a great day and wish me luck with my techno wizardry!

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Earl Lover said...

I agree! Technicalities are the future!

easy rider said...

I wonder too what we have done before google... we probably lived in caves and dragged our giant bats around :o) I'm a hopless case on the phone front ... it mostly ends that the phone shows me a black screen what I water with my tears :o(

Dory and the Mama said...

So glad I went to a pure Mac household!! I can't wait to get my iPhone 6! Hopefully next month!

Golden Daily Scoop said...

Mom has a fairly new Mac and she's still trying to figure things out! BOL!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Mommy says HBO words to Windows 10 daily
Lily & Edward

Walks With Rama said...

Good luck with your new tech products! It cane challenging, that's for sure, but fun!

The OP Pack said...

Mom is really worried about Dad's 'puter when he has to do that switch to Windows 10. She has a Macbook. And congrats on the iPhone 6, Mom still has her 5C. We used to have Spring but the service at our house was just about nonexistent:( Not so good when you want to use your phone.

Woos - Ciara and Lightning

M. K. Clinton said...

I haven't switched to Windows 10 so let me know how you like it. You'll love your iPhone upgrade.

De Hufford said...

You are a very brave woman! Technology can be soooooooo frustrating!

Ann Thompson said...

you're brave doing two upgrades at once. I would be pulling my hair out :)

Mitch and Molly said...

Mom has Windows 10 on her new computer and luckily, she didn't have to install it. The Geeks did! She loves it!