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Thursday, June 23, 2016

An Older Perspective...

I like to read the daily news here at the cottage. It is a small town here and you get a whole different feel. Things are much different here than they are at home. Of course, that is my opinion.

There is an article written about what to get kids for graduation gifts.

 Honestly, I am shocked at the things that are suggested in this article! In today's economy....where even the middle class are supposed to be suffering from high gas prices and high food prices....the suggestion is to give a CAR for your child's graduation. A freakin' car???? I am not THAT old. Really I'm not.

 If memory serves me correctly, I think my parents gave me a really nice piece of jewelry to commemorate the occasion. And I didn't expect anything more than that.

 Today. Different story apparently. The article states that kids actually EXPECT these types of gifts. How on earth can people afford to give CARS??? Oh. The article said not to give a high end Porsche or something not great on gas. They suggested a Honda Civic or a Toyota. Unfreakinbelievable.

 The second item on the list....a Sony Viaio or a Mac. Now, I just happened to be browsing in the computer aisle today at Sam's Club and the Sony was $1099. If you have multiple kids graduating....would you be able to afford to give them EACH a top of the line gift such as this?? Even ONE today's unstable economy.I just think it is wrong to hand our kids these things on a silver platter....then they just expect that for the rest of their lives, things will be given to them.

 In my day (I sound like I am a hundred years old!!) we had to work for what we wanted. I got my first real job when I was fourteen. I can still remember when I saved up enough to get a really nice ten speed bike so I could RIDE it to WORK!But then. I guess I was born in the dark ages.


Emma said...

My mom always had to save up for things too. She still has her list of how she saved money to buy her first TV. It was like $60, a b/w picture on a 10" brown plastic KenCo TV. She save a quarter here, a dollar there, but eventually she had the money. It made the TV so much more special!

Mike said...

Beautiful cars, thanks for the share!

easy rider said...

as much as the children would like such a gift, I can't imagine to effort such eggs-pensive things like cars ... what next... a helicopter? I feel like a dinosaur sometimes when I read about this modern trends... and specially this moment I feel like an old dinosaur because I'm not able to handle a simple activity tracker thingy

ann thompson said...

Well in my opinion, since the new graduate has most likely reached their 18th birthday they are now considered an adult and no longer the responsibility of the parent. Therefore they can go buy their own car or computer. I think maybe a nice crisp $50 bill would be a more appropriate gift. That is totally crazy

ann thompson said...

oh and by the way, I was like you I started working very young. I think I may have been 13. I've worked for the things I wanted and although my parents did provide me with everything I needed they didn't give me everything I wanted