Dogs really ARE Miracles with Paws!!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Caturday Art.... The Romeo Edition

We are joining Athena the Cat Goddess today for the Caturday Art Blog Hop!

I used a couple of different apps to create these photos...I just can't remember the names right now!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

It Is Transition Time!

It seems as if each year, the summer becomes shorter than the last!!

I am in the midst of transitioning from the cottage back home which requires a significant amount of time and energy.  So, if anyone has been wondering where we have been...we are right here!!

The girls (and Romey) are not too happy that we will be heading back home.  They really love it here and it is much easier for them...they don't have to walk up and down several sets of stairs just to go out to potty!  I can is much easier on my knees!!

The weather has been absolutely spectacular around here lately...temps in the 80's and sunny...pretty much unheard of here in Northern NY in late September! I am NOT complaining.  I am enjoying every single minute of it.  Fall is such a beautiful season.  The leaves have not changed much here probably because of the warm temps.  Even at night, it is not getting down low enough for the leaves to change.  I suspect we will notice more next week.

Here's to another couple of really NICE weather days!!  Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday: The Romeo Edition

We would appreciate a few prayers and good thoughts coming our way...Romeo is suffering from allergies...poor guy is miserable.  We hope the medicine will kick in today!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Why Is It...

Why is it that everyone is so bummed out about the fact that Labor Day Weekend has now passed us by and that summer is officially over?????

 I LOVE Fall. It is my most FAVORITE season of the entire year!!

I love the cooler nights and warm, sunny days and the colors of the leaves here are just gorgeous in the North Country. I actually look forward to the kids going back to school, and the number of campers is significantly reduced! There's an RV Resort at the end of my road.   The Resort opened several years ago and it is VERY busy!! It used to be that I could walk the dogs and not even see a car. Now, I am quite lucky not to get run off the road or run over by a HUGE RV. Now, I don't have anything against RV's of course because we have one...but. I do believe that pedestrians have the right of way??

Even when I am riding my scooter, I have had to pull OFF the road to get out of the way to avoid being struck by one of those monsters!! 

Now ... let me just explaiin to you...that all of the pics above are what our area in Northern NY NORMALLY looks like...but this year it is very different!  *We are only about 30 miles away from Canada!

Do you see how GREEN everything is???  It was 80 outside today!!  In fact it is supposed to be close to that for the next week or so!  

I am in packing mode...trying to get ready to head back home.  This was a very strange summer.  It was also very short as we didn't actually open this place until July 4th weekend!

I am going to enjoy my FALL solitude...every single minute of it!!

Let the snowbirds head south!!
Saturday, September 16, 2017

Caturday Art: Featuring Romeo!

Today we are joining Athena over at Athena Cat Goddess for the Caturday Art BlogHop!

For his very first close-up, Romeo's face has been touched up with Prisma!

Happy Caturday everyone!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Last of the Dahlias

We are joining the DB Boyz for Flower Friday this week!

Monday, September 11, 2017

We Will Always Remember

Please take a moment and reflect on all of those whose lives were lost on 9/11.

My mom passed away on 9/11.

We will never forget.

A difficult day and a day that changed America forever.
Sunday, September 10, 2017